Did you miss in-person church services?

Did you miss in-person church services? Or, if you’re like me, are you still missing in-person church services? Although some, like the famous Grace Community Church, are flouting the law and having indoor services, the vast majority are not.

The church I go to just recently started having outdoor services. But even then, some people are encouraged to not attend. People like me because of my age, I tend to develop pneumonia rather easily, and I’m in “active surveillance” with cancer.

With all that, if you’re missing in-person church services, you’re not alone. The question though is how much are you missing them?

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Who am I to complain?

We all complain, right? I know I do. But how often do we ask ourselves, “Who am I to complain?” Probably not often, because then we’ll have to think about the reality of our complaint.

who am I to complain?That happened to me last week. I’ve been really tired the last several weeks because there’s something I had to do pretty much every hour or two all day long, plus at least once or twice in the middle of the night.

But then, while sitting in my car, just waiting for something, I realized – who am I to complain?

What I was doing was really nothing compared to the reason why I was doing it. And really, it was completely nothing compared to what someone else was going through at that very moment.

So yes, we complain. I know I will again. And yet, I also know that, hopefully sooner rather than later, I’ll put my complaints into perspective. Within the perspective of what’s going on now. And what Someone else went though two thousand years ago.

You can read all about it at But then, who am I to complain?.

Image by Mariana Anatoneag from Pixabay

Starting over

It’s been so long since I published anything here, I thought I’d just start over. Lately, everything’s been on my other two sites that I moved to other host environments to take advantage of other features that were very useful for them.

But something’s missing there. People read, but seldom respond. It’s not so personal either, since that tends to mess up Google searching for the main stuff on the sites. So I’m back.

Starting over, but not with God

Starting over

No, I’m not starting over with God. I’ve been through way too much to do that.

But there is a different emphasis.

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