The Parable Of Forgiving The 50 And The 500

Forgiving the 50 and the 500. A very short parable. About forgiveness and love. Two verses. But it’s embedded in an actual event. It must be very important. This parable ended with a question from Jesus to a Pharisee named Simon. (Not Simon Peter, the disciple.) Jesus told Simon, “You have judged correctly”. Jesus told the woman who was the “target” in the event, “Your faith has saved you; go in peace.” Yes, it seems we can learn much from the parable of Forgiving the 50 and the 500.

No One Would Ever Agree To This Would They? Maybe One?

The story below is totally fictional.  Maybe.  Nothing even remotely like this could ever happen. No one would ever agree to this.  I don’t think.  It’s based on a true story.  Although that last statement can’t be proven, I believe it’s true. It’s almost beyond belief.  And yet…

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