Life goes on …

I didn’t realize how long since I put anything here. Not that I haven’t been doing anything – just haven’t gotten around to adding it here. But then, I guess having too much to do is better than not having enough.

Anyway, I finally decided it’s time to do something I really didn’t want to have to do.

I’ve got two blogs – outside of this one – one of which has been going for more than 10 years. As anyone who uses WordPress knows – a lot has changed in that time. But it’s worse, ’cause they’re both self-hosted. Lots of old technology buried in those pages. They’re ranking lower and lower in Google because of that. Plus, with cell phones & AMP being so important now, the older ones are in no way good enough for Google.

Life goes on ...

So – time to do something over 700 updates. 😦

That’s gonna take a long time! So the ratings don’t get killed while that’s going, I set up two new sites. The first one is up and finally ready for prime-time today. Totally identical between desktop, tablet, and cell phone views. Still need to add menus and the advanced search – but it’s all good with Google too. I think. I hope. And pray.

The first new one’s going to be about finding God in religion. Therefore, it’s got the not too surprising address: The original site ended up being a mix of a whole bunch of different stuff over the years. Now that I have the benefit of hindsight, that wasn’t a good thing. So this one, hopefully, will stay focused.

A lot of it will be, to borrow a term I read someplace – “artisanal” Bible Study. There’s quite a bit of that over there now. But not with that label. It’s just kind of the way I’ve been doing it. But hey – need catchy things to get people’s attention these days, and I kinda like that artisanal thing.

So some of it will be passages from the Bible – like the Lord’s prayer, the Beatitudes (both already completed but need reformatting), and the in-progress Seven Letters to the Seven Churches from Revelation. Doing that one in a Bible Study class – currently on the church in Sardis. There’s also a series on C.S. Lewis’ The Screwtape Letters to reformat (again – it’s one of the oldest things). Also some “verse of the day” type stuff. And some personal experiences.

There’s quite a bit of stuff in the old site on Christians and the strange connection to the government. Seemingly look to the government instead of God. That one, coming live soon, is

Everything else that was in there will be staying in the old site but reformatted to meet Google’s standards.

So all that’s a lot of stuff. Somewhere in there too, gotta find time to write new stuff as well.

So yeah – life goes on. But then, I knew it was coming. To find out what that last comment means, you can check out God – is it time for me to go home? – still on the old site.

Have a blessed day,


Image by Rainer Maiores from Pixabay

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