Can we find God in our government?

Can we see God in government? As usual, the answer is – it depends. Many non-Christians probably either don’t care or hope the answer is no. But Christians probably think the answer is yes. That Christian assumption, while valid, is very tricky. Why is the question of God being seen in government so problematic?

So what we see of God in government, even if we see nothing, is probably a reflection of what we want to see. We often do not see the reality of what God does, or doesn’t do, via the government.

To make matters more difficult, there are religions like Judaism and Islam that advocate a theocracy – where the religions and the government are essentially one, with the religious leaders also being governmental leaders. This was the case in Israel, in Biblical times. It’s also the case in a number of Islamic countries today.

With all this going on, it’s guaranteed that most, if not all, observers will be wrong about God’s involvement in the government! It’s a given. These disparate views cannot all be realistic in any one government at the same time.

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