Dealing with COVID restrictions – do you follow Darwin – or God?

Have you ever thought about how you’re dealing with life in a COVID world? I heard a restaurant owner on the news this morning talking about Darwin and COVID. He was talking about how Darwin didn’t say that the strongest survive. Rather, Darwin said it was the most adaptable who survive. And this particular person wanted to be one of the adaptable ones who survive.

Darwin and Covid

There is, of course, a problem with that. Well, a few problems. The first one is that Darwin never actually said it was the most adaptable who survive!

What the restaurant owner said got me to thinking. Christians are supposed to be different. More loving. You know – more like Jesus? And yet, it often doesn’t seem to be the case. In fact, it appears that Christians are some of the most vocal opponents of COVID restrictions. Something I still don’t understand.

So I thought I’d check it out. Look at things like, what did Darwin really say? What does the Bible say? Specifically, what does the Bible say about our growth as Christians?

The Bible and COVID

It was an interesting journey. A look into the Beatitudes, 1 Corinthians, Romans, and 1 John. The process of how we move from new Christians to more mature ones. Unfortunately, according to numerous surveys, Christians tend to stay relatively low in the stages of faith. That explains why differences between Christians and non-Christians aren’t always so obvious.

My goal isn’t to make Christians feel bad. Rather it’s to show how and why we should continue to grow. And, just as importantly, to let non-Christians know the difference between how we, Christians, often behave and how we really should behave.

The problem isn’t Christianity. The problem is often more about a lack of growth that prevents us from living the way Jesus taught. Some of that’s because we do live in a fallen world. But some is also due to complacency. From teaching that all we need to do is get baptized and / or say the so-called “sinner’s prayer” and then we can do whatever we want – with no growth at all. BTW – that sinner’s prayer is not in the Bible!

Christianity is all about transformation. Becoming more Christ-like. We should all continue to grow. And then, more non-Christians really would want to be more like us – more like Jesus. The problem isn’t Jesus! The problem is us.

A transformation from Darwinian thinking to Christian thinking

The article is at Darwin and COVID. To give you some idea, here’s the table of content from it.

Table of contents

You can see the growth process just by look at the progression through the article.

The final conclusion is:

All that’s just natural. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It just means we need to pay attention. To ask God to help us. And to listen when He does try to tell us something.

Then, and only then, can we truly make a move from the Darwin and COVID approach to life towards a GOD and COVID style of living.

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