How did Judas die? Did he really hang himself?

How did Judas die? Falling into a field or hanging himself? Huh? How can there possibly be any question about Judas’ manner of death if the choices are that he either fell into a field or hung himself? Besides, everyone knows Judas hung himself. Didn’t he? And yet, both are presented in the Bible! It seems we have another investigation into the life of this ignominious person. Judas. The betrayer of Jesus.

How did Judas die? Did he really hang himself?

Stranger still though is the outcome. The short answer is yes. But that’s not really satisfying, is it? How can it be both? Doesn’t it mean there’s an error in the Bible when one place says Judas hung himself but another says Judas fell into a field? This time, the short answer is no, it doesn’t mean there’s an error. Again, unsatisfying. So let’s see what’s going on.

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