The problem of “church words” no one else understands

Church words.
They are a problem.
A big problem.
We (Christians) use words that we learn in church. We know what they mean.
But that doesn’t mean everyone else does.
It’s like slang words/phrases – figures of speech.

The problem of church words no one understands

Take the mage to the right. Well, there’s an example of what I mean and it’s not even a church word! Of course, you can’t literally take the image.

Normally, we think of taking someone for ourselves. For instance, if I’m holding a book, and you take it from me, then I no longer have the book.

But for this image, you can copy it. But that won’t actually take it – as in remove it from the page.
BTW – please don’t try to hack the site and take the image away.

Anyway, after that aside, the point of the image was to say that “giving something to God” isn’t necessarily what someone might think.
Let’s look at an example.

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