Is Hell on earth a real thing?

We talk about something being Hell on earth.  But is this really it?  But before we got there, let’s see what Hell means.  Of course, it’s about the devil, Satan, being in charge.  And everything happens his way.  That’s what being in charge is about, right?  And one other thing.  For those of you that believe in God, He’s not there.

The first Hell on earth

Is Hell on earth a real thing?

You may remember the very first “hell on earth” experience in the Bible.  

Yeah – the serpent, the devil, tricked Eve and Adam into eating the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.  How?  He told them they wouldn’t die.  And he told them they would be just like God. 

(And where was God?  Well, Adam and Eve left God out of it.  Given the relationship they had, it’s totally shocking.  But it happened.  And it still happens today.)

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