Doesn’t everyone love their friends?

Doesn’t everyone love their friends? Jesus asked, “Do not even pagans do that?”  It was supposed to show that some of the things we Christians do aren’t anything special.  That’s what “even pagans do that” was about.  But what about the times when pagans do good things that even Christians don’t do?  What kind of questions should we be asking ourselves when we’re in that situation?  

Doesn’t everyone love their friends?

Most people love their friends. Even the “pagans”. For us today, this word from the Bible means everyone who’s not

It’d be nice to say everyone does, but unfortunately, it’s just not true. To borrow some words from that post-it note, it’s just not done.

However, we’re going way beyond just loving friends today.

Anyone familiar with the quote from Jesus knows what’s coming.

But even for those of us who know it all too well, how many of us actually “just do it” when it comes to obeying what Jesus told His followers?

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