On this rock Part 2 – Justice and Love to the Ancient Ones

It’s time to look at Justice and Love to the Ancient Ones. Remember, the ancient ones created our species. We had a lot to learn. Justice was important to the ancient ones, so they wanted us to share the same feeling about it. But justice, by itself, can be just as brutal as a world with no justice. And so, the ancient ones also taught us about love. But, it was a slow process.

On this rock Part 2 – Justice and Love to the Ancient Ones

If you haven’t read On this rock Part 1, yet, I recommend doing that, since this is a fantasy series about real life. It’s at Who doesn’t love to win?

As a reminder, justice came up as an issue early on in our existence.

The ancient ones warned the first of our kind about something. Something that had dire consequences if they engaged in a certain activity. There was plenty of food in this special garden where they lived. However, they were warned about one particular tree. The ancient one called Father told them, in their own language from that time, that if they ate from this one tree, they would “die die”.

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