What Christians need to learn about God from Jonah

When we left Jonah in part 2 of this series, he was just vomited onto dry land by the great fish God send to bring Jonah back to Him. It seems there’s a great lesson, pun intended, that Christians need to learn about God from Jonah. Something that kind of reminds me a bit of a scene from Star Wars. The thinking behind “Let the Wookie win” is quite different from the contest of wills between God and Jonah. And yet, the idea of “Let God win”, is just so striking.

I found this description/narrative on mygeekwisdom.com.

What Christians need to learn about God from Jonah
God – You win. I’m back!

“Let the Wookie win”

Who said it?: C3-P0

The story behind the quote: As much as I love the Star Wars films, it’s difficult to find clips on YouTube where the characters actually say the quotes since they’re usually taken down immediately. This was one of those quotes I wanted to write about when I started this site but I was never able to find a clip of the said quote… until now.

The quote comes from the first Star Wars film. R2-D2 and Chewbacca are playing a form of chess and Artoo is beating the wookie. Chewie starts “complaining” about losing and C3-P0 states that he has no right to complain. Han Solo then chimes in and says that there are certain “bad” things that can happen if you emerge victorious over Chewbacca’s species. It’s then Threepio delivers the quote to Artoo.

Geek wisdom: Winning isn’t everything. While it does feel good to actually display your dominance over someone during a game of chess or any other form of competition, it’s not the most important thing in the world. In the grand scheme of things, it’s still a game.

Let God win?

As I said, the analogy isn’t exactly right on target. Maybe it’s not even close. But for those of us that stood in lines to watch the first showings of Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and some other movies of that time, it’s memorable. And close enough.

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