Do politically active Christians understand the armor of God?

Do politically active Christians understand the armor of God? Judging by the words from Ron DeSantis and people’s reactions to those words, I’m sad to say that, in far too many cases, the answer is no. In fact, I’ll go further and say that politically active Christians who support DeSantis and the words coming from him don’t understand Christianity. They don’t understand some core statements from the Bible on Jesus or what He commanded His followers.

Before we get into what he said, let’s look at the adjacent image, and make some statements about it.

First, the armor of God is most decidedly not actual armor.

Neither is it putting our adversary physically on the ground.

And it’s not about driving a physical sword through them.
Not even about threatening to do such a thing.

And let’s end with the reality that it’s not even about fighting against people.

There is more. We’ll get into the details as we proceed to look at what DeSantis has said. Over a period of years. Sadly, to the delight of too many Christians. Even, I’m very sorry to say, some Christian leaders.

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