People are less happy than we used to be. Why?

Are people happy? Well, let’s say that people are less happy than we used to be. This really shouldn’t be a surprise.  At least, not for people who are honest.  While the number of millionaires and billionaires continues to rise, the number of people falling lower on the socioeconomic scale is rising even faster.  That, and other factors, leads to a general feeling of being less happy.  Maybe a better way to put it is just plain unhappy.

The opening is based on a article titled 50 Ways American Life Has Changed in the Last Decade.

Overall well-being in the United States is in decline, according to a study of 2.5 million people by Gallup and Sharecare, a healthcare information service. They are less happy and more anxious compared to 2009, even though the economy these days is in a healthy, or certainly healthier, state than a decade ago. The biggest drop in well-being took place between 2016 and 2017. Last year was much more balanced, but it also slightly worsened compared to 2017.

Are people less happy?

It’s interesting that one of our political parties keeps talking about how great the economy is right now, while the other takes the opposite point of view.  It’s also worth noting that the quote above comes, in part, from Sharecare, a healthcare information service.

It doesn’t even matter which party is in control at any given time. The one in power talks about how good things are, even if it’s only relatively good compared to how bad it could have been or how bad it used to be.

That says a lot about how people feel.  In spite of the pretty much even split in this country for political support, the feelings of the people tend to be less happy and more anxious compared to 2009.  And the biggest drop was between 2016 and 2017.  Huh.  Think about what happened then.  Think election.  

And now, think mid-terms.

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