Does Jesus want to carry us when times are tough?

Does Jesus want to carry us when times are tough? This question is like those tests where we’re supposed to pick the “best” answer.  And “yes” is not the best answer!  I used to think it was, but I learned that it really isn’t.  There is one answer that’s better – although there are several answers that could start with “no, He wants …”

Does Jesus want to carry us when times are tough?

Curious?  Confused?

Let me try to help straighten out this question.  

I heard someone say that Jesus wants to carry us when times are tough.  Something felt not quite right about that.  So I was going over it, and finally realized what the issue that I had with it was.  Before telling you what I concluded though, let’s look at my thought process.  As I said, there could be a number of possible answers, so let’s look at them.

Before we proceed, when I say “best” answer – it’s maybe not the best answer ever.  It’s what went through my mind this morning.  It’s appropriate to where I was in my walk of faith that day.  More on that later.

I wrote the first version of this more than 5 years ago. So much has happened since then. Much of it wasn’t good. But then, there were things to balance out the bad with some good. We’ll see how/if my feelings changed over that time.

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