2023.01.05 Psalms 003 – God is there when we need Him

God is there when we need Him. And for true Christians, who honestly try to follow Jesus, He’s with us all the time. We might not feel like it. But He is.

God is there when we need Him
Just like with Psalm 2, we make things so difficult. And again, I guess when you’re a person, that’s what you do.

The reality that we don’t feel like God is present doesn’t that He’s truly not there. It means that we don’t realize God is with us. We’ll get to the difference between true believers and everyone else, those who don’t believe either intentionally or because they don’t really try to follow Jesus.

As with all Psalms, this is an Old Testament passage. And yet, once again, there are things to learn from it.

Here’s some background on Psalm 3:

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