Psalm 16 – Did David Know About Resurrection And Eternal Life?

Did David know about resurrection and eternal life? Even in Jesus’ time, the Jewish leaders disagreed over whether resurrection was a thing. The Pharisees believed in resurrection. The Sadducees did not. Who knows where this split came from? But did David really know? It seems he did.

So does Psalm 15 include a prophecy about eternal life? It certainly appears so. We also know David had some knowledge of the Holy Spirit. And he tied following the Holy Spirit’s counsel to that eternal life.

However, as we saw, The New Covenant promise includes eternal life, while it’s not mentioned in the Old Covenant. As such, the promises are also different between the Old and New Covenants. One of those differences has to do with what this life will be like. For instance, here’s something Jesus said about this life when we follow Him.

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