My first radiation treatment showed That God is Awesome

My first radiation treatment showed that God is awesome. That probably sounds weird. Maybe even wrong? I'm getting radiation for prostate cancer. And during my first treatment, while I'm inside the Tomograph machine getting zapped by dangerous radiation, I thought about how awesome God is.

The Problem Of Healing … Or Not Healing … And Being Loved

The problem of healing … or not Healing. And being loved. By God. Healed or not. Thirteen years ago, I wrote something titled, “Healing (or not)”. Back then, it was strictly an analysis of what the Bible said. Now it’s 2023. I’ve had some experience with healing. And with not healing. It’s so much more real when it’s our own life depending on being healed. Or not healed.

Do not be afraid, focus on treasures in Heaven

Do not be afraid. Do not even be afraid of cancer. Instead, focus on treasures in Heaven. I went to my oncologist yesterday. It’s time to begin radiation treatment. Now, today, I’m going to write from the point of view of the man in the image below. Climbing stairs into the clouds. Judgment time. Will he be told he will enter Heaven? Or will he be sent to the other place?

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