Radiation Treatment Week 4 – Have My Prayers To God Been Answered?

Week four of radiation treatment for prostate cancer begins in a few hours. Last week I wrote about time to give thanks. About prayers to God. When God answers our prayers, we do give thanks. Don’t we? But do we always recognize when and how He answers our requests?

I suspect the answer is yes and no.

After talking with some people I realized I need to add more to that thought.

One of the ways a prayer was answered even surprised me.

How does God answer prayers?

God might answer our prayers in at least four different ways.

  1. Giving us what we asked for
  2. Saying no
  3. Saying not yet
  4. Giving us more than what we asked for

The first three are the “normal” answers that we think of. But it’s the fourth one that really surprised me. And pretty much everyone I talked to. But let’s start with the more obvious ones.

My prayers to God

So, what did I ask God for?

Conclusion – radiation treatment week 4 – have my prayers to God been answered?

Have my prayers been answered? Absolutely. Even the ones I didn’t ask.

But more importantly, have your prayers been answered, by reading this? Even the prayers you didn’t ask.

Maybe you even learned something about a God you didn’t know about, or didn’t believe in?

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