Do you know – what is Advent about?

It’s Advent season. But do we know what it is? What is Advent is about? For instance, do we realize that the first Advent has come and gone, and now we’re waiting for the second Advent? And after we do know, are we really ready for the second coming of Jesus? It will come. And whether we’re still alive for it or not, it matters to all of us.

It was weird looking for an image for Advent. Most of the pictures had something to do with Christmas, which is sort of right, but from a secular point of view. There were lots of Christmas trees, snow scenes, ornaments, and the like. But very few like the one I finally chose.

If that’s the prevailing thinking on what Advent is all about, we Christians don’t seem to be having a lot of success letting the world know the realities of Advent. Or is it that we don’t really know either?

As I said, it matters, how can we be ready for the second coming of Jesus if we don’t even know what Advent is?

With that in mind, let’s learn something, or refresh our memories, about Advent.

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