Anyone looking for a New Year’s resolution?

Is anyone looking for a New Year’s resolution? I’ve got one for you. If you have the nerve to accept it. Many people love to play video games that simulate battles between good and evil. Simulate life and death. But hey – this one’s for real.

Anyone looking for a New Year’s resolution?

I wrote it, in large part, to challenge myself eleven years ago. I’ve looked for it many times since then. Couldn’t find it. But now, December 31, 2021 – I finally found it.

So here it is, no doubt with some updates as I prepare it for publishing here on God versus religion. Since I don’t really plan ahead, but go “where the Spirit leads me” when I write, I can’t wait to see what comes out.

It’s an interesting resolution. You can use it over and over. Every year. Whether you meet the challenge or not, you can always use it again.

Maybe you’ll ask questions. What if I Have a massive failure with it? No problem. Just try again. In fact, we don’t even have to wait for another new year to start over. But hey, if that New Year resolution helps us restart, use the momentum to try again!

What if I have success? Again, no problem. No matter how much success we might have, there’s always room for improvement. New challenges within the challenge. It’s the ultimate “never-ending story”. As long as we’re still breathing, there’s more!

Anyone looking for a New Year’s resolution? Here’s mine. Feel free to use it. It’s from a guy named Ezekiel.

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