Do Christians know who is poor?

The Bible says we should care for the poor. But do Christians know who is poor? I always thought, for the most part, it was pretty obvious who was poor and who was rich. Maybe the middle is hard to determine, but the rich and the poor? I didn’t think so. Then I read something this morning. It totally blew me away. Shocking.

Do Christians know who is poor?

Take a look at the adjacent image. It’s easy to tell who’s poor and who’s rich. As we drive/walk around in different places, it’s not always so obvious. The rich people don’t always dress up. And poor people aren’t always begging.

But living near Los Angeles, driving around, it’s hard to not see all the homeless people in tents, tart-covered spaces, and people sleeping out in the open. Well, it should be. Until we remember something like Phil Collins’ song – Another Day in Paradise. 

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