Lithium and energy independence. Will God’s creation be destroyed again?

Deep in the Southern California desert, a massive drill rig taps into what could be the energy of the future.  That’s the opening line from an NBC News article. But my question isn’t just about lithium and energy independence. No. I want to ask if, yet again, will God’s creation be destroyed in our rush to get that independence. In other words, are we ruling over the earth, or are our desires ruling over us?

Will God’s creation be destroyed again?

Let’s be honest here. We don’t exactly have a good track record on this kind of stuff.

And while the image isn’t of what’s going on in the desert right now, it is a good indication of the kinds of things we do to get resources. And money from them.

Rule over the earth in this fashion isn’t what God had in mind.

But – will the self-proclaimed Christians in Congress stand up and be counted? What about those so-called religious right folks that are so pro-business? Or maybe the so-called godless Democrats that do seem to be much more concerned about the environment, God’s creation, than those on the right?

Or, will “we the people” finally wake up and realize that neither party is really all that concerned about God’s creation? That they’re much more concerned about their jobs, their own security, and remaining in power?

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