Christians – What are you wearing? Your Sunday best?

Christians – What are you wearing?  Your Sunday best?  Uh Oh.  Is this going to be about wearing clothes that are “appropriate” for Christians?  Like long dresses for women?  Suits and ties for men?  If that’s what you’re concerned about, don’t worry.  I’m talking about something else entirely. Well, sort of.  Something that really matters.  Something that makes a difference.

Christians – What are you wearing? Your Sunday best?

Sure, there’s this “thing” about wearing your “Sunday best”.  As if Jesus will be offended or reject us if we don’t wear the right clothes.  On top of that, “Sunday best” sounds like we should have special clothes for, well, just for Sunday. 

I can just imagine Jesus’ thoughts about that.  I think something along the lines of, sell your Sunday best clothes and give all the proceeds to the poor.

Do you disagree? Well, hang on to that disagreement for a while. I’ll get back to that later.

After all, Jesus spent lots of time with the sinners.  The bottom of the social order.  Prostitutes.  People with physical problems like leprosy. The “unclean”.  Did Jesus ever look at what they were wearing?  Did Jesus ever ask any of them to dress properly before He’d spend time with them?  Or heal them?  No.  We don’t read of that even one time.

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