Does God really protect us? If yes, from what?

Does God really protect us? Will thought to himself. As soon as he silently asked himself the question, he answered it. Of course he does. Then another thought: Does he always protect us in the way we want, when we want it? And then he remembered something that Len Redgrove had once said to him. “God’s love for and protection of us are always consistent with his will for us—and his will for us is always consistent with what is best, not only for us, but also for a fallen world that he is always trying to rescue.”

Does God really protect us?

I suppose the answer to that question – does God really protect us – is “it depends”.

But, depends on what?

Something about us?

Who/what do we want to be protected from?

Something about God?

Let’s take a look at just a few passages from the Bible and see what they say.

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