God remembers my cancer. But do I remember God?

We Christians always say things happen for a reason. And that God’s in control. However, when those things happen to us, do we live like we really believe it? We also say God’s always with us. Even in the bad times. And so, I believe God remembers my cancer situation. But, do I remember God?

God remembers my cancer. But do I remember God?

The words in the image work equally well whether it’s God to me – or me to God. The thing is, He knows that. It’s me that doesn’t always remember.

It happens to all Christians. We forget God when things don’t do well. And the worse things are, the faster we forget.

It’s not like it’s only me. But then, as someone who suffers from depression, it feels like it probably happens more often. And it’s probably harder to remember. It’s not like I’ve taken a poll or anything to know for sure. But it makes sense.

But then, that also doesn’t mean we don’t all experience it. So really, this is for anyone who forgets about God. In other words, for all of us.

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