2023.01.07 Psalms 005 – Take refuge and be glad?

Seriously? Take refuge and be glad? Aren’t we fighters? Can’t we take care of ourselves? Why should we settle for just taking refuge instead of going on a counterattack?

Take refuge? Is that really the answer to life in this broken world? Take refuge on some deserted place where no one wants to go?

Shouldn’t we fight back?

But let’s get real. Fighting back ultimately results in coming up against someone stronger, meaner, willing and able to crush us.

And yet, is this really the solution? Go to some island like the one with that dead tree out in the middle of the water? Some miserable place where no one wants to go?

We’ll soon see why answer is an unquestionable yes.

Take a close look at the image of that island. Yes, there’s a dead tree. But there’s also a bird. Approaching the island.

We’ll get into what that means in a moment.

Here’s some background on Psalm 5.

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