2023.01.08 Psalms 006 – Is there a relationship between sin and illness?

Did David really write a Psalm asking: Is there a relationship between sin and illness? No. And yet, it’s a question that comes up from Psalm 6. Too often, we behave like Job’s friends, even though God told them Job was right and they were wrong. So what’s happening here?

Why is this question a big deal? And why does it sometimes cause problems? And maybe even lead to death?

If illness is always cause by sin, then repentance is called for.

If not, then wisdom is called for. For starters, wisdom to look at ourselves and try to make a determination of why we’re sick.

But even after we do that, what comes next?

Can we just pray and wait for God to answer/heal like David did?

After all, medical knowledge was very crude, at best, in David’s time. We have advanced so much with the knowledge we now have in medicine. And that knowledge continues to get more and more advanced.

So what does that do to any possible relationship between sin and illness?

Here’s some background on Psalm 6. It’s a longer than usual. But then, the relationship, if it exists, between sin and illness is complex.

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