The letter to the loveless church in Ephesus in Revelation

And so it begins.  The first of the seven letters to the seven churches in Revelation. The Letter to the church in Ephesus.  Jesus had some good things to say to them.  And some bad things.  But then another positive statement.  The Ephesian church certainly wasn’t in the worst condition of the seven.  But then, it wasn’t the best either.  So there’s plenty to look at. Both for the church in Ephesus at the time and for us today.

The title – The letter to the loveless church in Ephesus – is taken from the section titles in two different translations.  I chose to do that because I think it gives a direction to start with while examining this letter.  Not that it’s the only direction.  But it’s one that people who did the New King James Version thought was important enough to include, as opposed to the NIV usage of just the location in their section title.

First – Blessings in the Seven Letters


We read in the Bible about all those people who rejected God.  I always wonder why.  Adam and Eve did.  In the Exodus, the people didn’t want to deal with God directly, so they had Moses do it for them.  Later, the Israelites wanted an earthly king, in spite of the warnings, instead of God.  And it just went on and on.  You’d think someone, somewhere along the line, would have learned.

Then with Jesus, He was killed.  His followers were persecuted and killed.  And now we’ve reached a point where it’s often hard to even recognize Jesus’ presence in a lot of so-called Christians.

And I still wonder why.  What’s wrong with walking in the Garden with God?  I think that’s worth overcoming the ways of this world.  How about you?

What else have you learned from the letter to the church in Ephesus? How will it change your life?

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