2023.01.12 Psalms 010 – Complain about God to God

Complain about God to God? Is that a good thing? How many of us are afraid to complain to God about Himself? Or think that’s a bad thing to do? Maybe even a sin? On the other hand, how many of us are so angry about our issues with God, valid or not, that we don’t hesitate to make a list of our complaints and then “let Him have it”?

As for me, I’m in the latter group. And apparently, I’m in good company. David did the same thing in Psalm 10!

Yes, I’ve been angry at God. Very angry. And not afraid to scream, “Why are you doing this to me?”

As it turns out, and as I eventually learned, my complaints weren’t valid.

And my anger was misdirected. Some things, I shouldn’t have any anger at all.

Others, I should have looked in the mirror and then screamed at myself.

But it’s OK. God can take it.

And guess what. I came to realize a couple of things about being angry at God.

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