The letter to the compromising church in Pergamum in Revelation

We move on to the third of the seven letters in Revelation.  This time the letter to the compromising church in Pergamum – also called Pergamos in some translations.  Jesus has good things to say about the church in Pergamum.  And some things that aren’t good.  Given the warnings though, it seems like more bad news than good.  We’ll see if that’s the case.  Just how bad is the compromising?

Once again, the title comes from the section title in the NKJV.  But this time, the title refers to what was happening in the church, rather than how Jesus referred to Himself as the author of this letter.  Therefore, how they compromised will be high on our list of things to look at.

First – Blessings in the Seven Letters

The question for the church in Pergamum – how many of them will overcome?  How many will walk away?  And how many will stick to their belief that they are OK, when in fact they aren’t? As long as we’re still here, I pray we learn the lesson from this church and end up residing in Heaven with Jesus, rather than fighting Him here on earth.

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