The letter to the corrupt church in Thyatira – Revelation

We move on to the fourth of the seven letters in Revelation. This time, the letter to the corrupt church in Thyatira. Jesus has good things to say about the church in Thyatira.  Some bad things as well.  So once again, part of the examination will be about the relationship, if any, between the good and bad statements.

Once again, the title comes from the section title in the NKJV.  As with most of the churches, the title refers to the content of the letter, rather than how Jesus referred to Himself as the author of this letter.  Therefore, looking at the corruption – how it came to be, who is following and / or supporting it, Etc. – will be high on our list of things to check out.

First – Blessings in the Seven Letters

This is a church with one person doomed, some number of her followers on the way to destruction, and the remainder that are told to just hang on.  In some ways, it’s an extreme case of what we’ve seen in other churches.  Actually – two extremes, on both ends of the spectrum.  Was that the point?

We just don’t know.  Regardless though, there is much to examine in this church.  For the good of our local church. For our own good.  And everything in between – small groups, friends within the church, ministries in the church, various service teams, Etc.  And consider the new Christian entering this church.  It must be so confusing with two sets of people teaching two very different doctrines and having two very different lifestyles.

Ultimately, if we listen to what the Holy Spirit is saying to this church, we have two possible outcomes depending on who we follow in this church.  One leads to destruction and the second death.  The other leads to Jesus and eternal life with Him.  So yes, it’s most important that He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.

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