Psalm 11 – Sometimes God tells us to hang in there

Have you ever called out to God for help? For an answer of some kind? But nothing happens? There’s no answer. Your situation doesn’t change. You don’t hear yes. Or no. The thing is, sometimes God tells us to hang in there. To wait. With no reason given.

Being told to wait can be really hard. Especially when things aren’t going well. Consider the adjacent image. Some rocks, sticking up out of the ocean. Swirling waters. That really cool shade of blue-green water.

It’s beautiful. Unless you’re on the rock. Then it can get downright scary.

We know if we’re on that rock, figuratively speaking. But our friends don’t. So they might not know how we feel when we’re right there, barely hanging on to the top of that rock, and the tide’s coming in.

And when we call out to God, nothing happens. But we usually don’t know if He’s saying no to us, or telling us to just hang in there. Wait. Relief is coming. But not yet. Worse yet, maybe relief isn’t coming. But we don’t know.

That’s what’s happening in Psalm 11.

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