Psalm 12 – Oppression of the weak isn’t new

Oppression of the weak in this world almost seems like a global sport. If you’re like me, you feel like it’s worse than ever. But is it? Oppression of the weak isn’t new. It’s been around for as long as there’ve been people.

The adjacent image says, “We are truly sorry”.

And you know, sometimes that’s pretty much what the oppressors say. Especially when they’re elected government officials.

But, you know what? They generally aren’t sorry.

Oppression is often about power. Greed. Stuff like that.

Those are the emotions that are front and center with oppressors.

Emotions like sorrow just aren’t generally there. Or aren’t acknowledged if they do exist.

This one’s about someone who’s not all that oppressed, Not all the time anyway.

Plus, it’s about my feelings. Someone who’s oppressed sometimes, but is also very aware that a whole lot of people have it much worse.

That’s what Psalm 12 is about. Written by David, whose life ranged from shepherd, the bottom of the social barrel – to the King of Israel.

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