The wait is over – It’s time to begin radiation treatment

After a few years of waiting, the wait is over. It’s time to begin radiation treatment. This means it’s time to update this series – Don’t waste your cancer. Of course, like everyone else, I hoped surgery would remove all the cancer. But it didn’t. And so, it’s time for the next steps.

Notice, I said steps. It’s not just blindly move on.

.nd it’s more than just the cancer treatment.

There are so many other things. Overall physical health.
Mental health.
My wife.
Of course, our dog – Mikey. And let’s not forget about spiritual health. After all, it’s God who got me this far. It would be weird to abandon Him now. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be impossible. Probably not even all that uncommon. But then, that’s part of why I’m doing this series.

The wait is over – radiation treatment beginsIs radiation good or bad?

As I said, the waiting is over. Radiation treatment will begin in a month.

It made me think. Radiation is a complicated thing. The sun emits so much of it. And yet, we couldn’t live without the sun. And we do things like make radioactive bombs. It’s all very complicated.

Do I know how my cancer journey is going to end? No. But then, there is this “conversation” I had with God maybe six years ago. At a time I really thought I was going to die from an infection that wasn’t responding to antibiotics.

Part of that was that I’m ready to “go home”, as we Christians refer to death. There were many times I would’ve been more than happy to go home. But at that time, I also that I felt like I can do more for Him if I live. So I left the decision up to Him. Obviously, I’m still alive. The way it happened was very surprising. Totally not what the doctors expected.

Ultimately, that experience is one of the events in my life that really shapes how I view this Romans verse about things being done for good. It’s also the main reason why I share those experiences. So others can learn, maybe, without having to go through them.

And, it’s why I can look at my cancer situation, and not worry. Why not? Because I know that the ultimate “in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose” event is when believers get to live for all eternity with Jesus.

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