Psalm 21 – How Much Do We Really Trust God?

Do we trust God? Lots of people probably answer yes. But how much do we really trust God? Enough that our life is guided by Him? Or is God merely along for the ride while we go wherever we want? And while we do whatever we want? That’s my question after reading Psalm 21.

That’s all good stuff in the background.

However, after reading it, my thoughts were on a different portion of the Psalm. Actually, between the pair of Psalms – 20 and 21. The previous Psalm was something for the people to sing on behalf of their King. This one gives thanks.

As with Psalm 20, a question arises today. This was written for Jewish people. With a Jewish King. A King who loved God.

But we aren’t those people. And we don’t have leaders who truly follow God. At least not in their positions as leaders. The amount of corruption, jealousy, hatred, gossip, abuse, Etc. that takes place in our government is unbelievable. Especially when we look at the number of people in our federal government who claim to be Christians.

And so the question is, who do we trust?

Do we really trust God? Or do we trust whoever that figure is in the shadows of the adjacent image? Someone w we can’t see. And therefore don’t know.

Or maybe it’s someone we do see and do know, but only from the outside. And it’s that person who’s hiding their true inner self.

That person could even be our inner self, that we try to hide from everyone, including ourselves.

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