Psalm 22 – Is Everyone Saved By Jesus’ Death?

Is everyone saved by Jesus’ death? That’s an idea that some people believe. Or at least want to believe. David appears to say everyone will be saved in Psalm 22. But did he really say that?

Now, with that backdrop, here’s the verse for today’s topic.

Ps 22:27 All the ends of the earth
           will remember and turn to the LORD,
           and all the families of the nations
           will bow down before him,

You can see how, without any context, this can appear to mean everyone will remember God, turn to Him, bow down before Him, and therefore be saved.

However, is that really what it says?

Everyone will bow to God, but …

Yes, we will all bow to God.

“ ‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord,
‘every knee will bow before me;
every tongue will confess to God.’ ” 12 So then, each of us will give an account of himself to God.

However, there will be two different reasons.

Some will bow to God because we want to. And there will be a reward.

Others will bow down to God because they must. And there will be punishment.

So it’s good to know the context of verses when we read them. It’s quite dangerous to pull out a verse, remove it from all context, and decide what it means.

But even if we keep the context of a passage, as with the word “many” in The Lord’s Supper, we can still miss the true message unless we’re aware of and understand the full context of the Bible.

Ultimately, anyone who thinks the Bible says all will be saved is going against the words of Jesus Himself.

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