Will we have enough food in Heaven to be happy?

Will we have enough food in Heaven to be happy? The food we want? That probably depends. Fortunately, I like fish. Like the sushi below. But the real question is, will we have enough food? Too many people in the world don’t get what they want or even enough of any kind of food.

I know – some people don’t like sushi.

If that’s you, maybe try substituting a vision of your favorite thing to eat. Unless, maybe, it’s unhealthy or something like that.

Since Jesus ate fish after He was resurrected, I’m hopeful that means our “resurrection bodies” will eat food. And that the food we eat will include fish. Especially the two at the top – ikura (salmon eggs) with a quail and uni (sea urchin).

Sushi is something I feel blessed to be able to afford occasionally. But this is about people who cannot afford food. Not healthy food. Not food they like. Not any kind of food, no matter what it is.

What’s the big deal about food in Heaven?

I thought about this when I read this headline: Pandemic food benefits are ending for millions of Californians. Now what? It started off with:

So – the final questions.

If you’re poor, if you have what we “politely” call food insecurity, meaning if you don’t have and can’t get, enough food, if you go hungry, do you realize that the good news Jesus has promises an eternity of abundance, including food, for you if you accept His offer.

If you’re rich, and while I’m far from rich by today’s American standards I am rich by God’s standards, do you realize, as I do, that without Jesus we will not have an inheritance from Jesus? We may think everything’s going to be fine, because things are OK – or maybe awesome – now. But we can’t take any of that with us.

No matter our situation today, Jesus is the only way to the Father. The only path to Heaven.

In Jesus’ time, the shepherds, who were like the scum of the earth, knew that. And they were overjoyed. I don’t know why everyone isn’t. The offer is for all. But most will reject it.

Think about that, especially while you’re eating, if you’re eating. And think about it if you’re hungry. This life is short compared to eternity.

Thank carefully. Pray often. And don’t end up being last in the end.

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