Psalm 25 – Why Can’t We Trust What We Know?

Even when we know a lot about God, in our heads, we still doubt. Even when we trust God in our hearts, we still worry. It’s nice to know we’re not alone. Those are some of the same things David seems to express in Psalm 25Open in Logos Bible Software (if available). Why can’t we trust what we know?

Those of you who have dogs know all about the little one in the adjacent image. That’s the definition of trust. This is a dog that knows he’s in a safe place. Totally comfortable. And totally vulnerable.

OK, the word shame is going to be obvious in the Psalm, once we actually see the text. However, the Biblical concept of shame, especially in this context, isn’t necessarily what we think of today. It’s important to know that. And to know what it really meant at that time and in this circumstance. It’ll have a huge effect on what we take away from this. On our core question of, Why can’t we trust what we know?

What is Psalm 25 really about?

The short answer is that Psalm 25 is about being able to trust God because He won’t let down anyone who loves Him. But there’s more to the long answer. Psalm 25 is about:

  • no shame, in the sense of not being let down, realizing that the promise is about eternal life. God will not let us down.
  • Prayer, a two-way conversation with God.
    • God wants us to ask for things we need. He’s our Father.
    • God is OK with us having questions and even occasional doubt.
    • Prayer also involves giving God the praise He deserves.

All these things that are part of prayer are what Psalm 25 is about.

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