Psalm 27 – If I Love God Am I Protected From Everything?

If I love God am I protected from everything? You know, some people think this is true. It’s certainly possible to read parts of the Bible and get that impression. However, the key word there is “parts”. There are verses that make it feel like God will protect us from everyone and everything. The thing is though, if we read anything but those particular verses, we find out that thought is way too “Old Testament”. And even for the Old Testament way too out of context.

I’m going to break up the commentary on this one. I pretty much agree with it. However, I want to point out some things as we go through it. Why? Because the words from the commentary author take twists and turns, necessarily, that align with the apparent flip in David’s words.

The adjacent image shows what an old song says about God. “He’s got the whole world in His hands”. Therefore, we think, all will go well. Especially if we love Him. But then, does that match with the realities of what we see in the world and in our lives?

So, with that introduction, let’s take a look.

Even if we’re protected from literally everything else in the world, but we don’t follow Jesus, and therefore aren’t saved by Him, then what do we really have? Nothing.

So, no, we aren’t protected from everything. But we are protected from the one thing that matters the most. As for everything else, if we do follow Jesus, then whatever does happen to us will be for God’s glory. So it’s all good.  If you have trouble with that last part – it’s all good – I invite you to check out the series below.

Don't waste your cancer

Don’t Waste Your Cancer

Don’t waste your cancer. Use it to help others. I wish I could take credit for the title. I borrowed it from a short booklet called “Don’t waste your cancer”, by John Piper. It’s true for more than “just” cancer, not that cancer is a small thing. Rather, my point is that even the way we deal with small problems can help others.
So this is what will be, I pray, a look at my six and a half year journey to being “cancer free”. Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but that’s my hope and prayer. (It’s at least 8 years now.)

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