Second Week Of Radiation Treatment – Have To Stay Positive

My second week of radiation treatment begins in half an hour. One down – seven more to go. Or, more specifically, 4 down and 34 to go. And that gives a bit of a clue as to what “have to stay positive” is about. But only a clue. There’s more to it.

It’s easy to say have a great day. It’s quite another to actually have a great day. Especially when we don’t feel great. But it’s not impossible. It depends very much on where we look. And what we look for. In other words, what is a “great day” to us?

For instance, seven to go sounds better than thirty four to go. Unless, maybe, you think about one is weeks and the other is treatment days. Ultimately, it’s 34 more radiation sessions no matter how I count it. But the mind plays funny games. Especially when the situation is something potentially depressing. At least, that’s the way it is for some of us.

Conclusion – Second week of radiation treatment – Have to stay positive

With all that, the question is how do I stay positive, especially when this is only the second week of radiation treatment? I began this segment before today’s treatment. I’m now ending it several hours later.

Apparently I’ve reached my first side effect. It’s not horrible. But it’s disappointing. I love spicy food. In no particular order, well, maybe, Taco Bell Fire Sauce, Jalapeno’s, Sriracha, spicy Chinese food, and on and on. Apparently that’s going to have to be put aside for a couple months. Very sad. I don’t like bland food. I love lots of flavors. When I cook, I have dozens of spices and herbs to choose from. Even when I make something that starts off as a Trader Joe’s meal, I usually add fresh veggies, maybe some fish, and pretty much always more herbs and spices to it. It’s going to be a difficult couple of months. And it’s only week two.

But seriously, the much larger issue is feeling God’s peace throughout this. Feeling the joy that comes with acknowledging His presence. And part of that comes from writing this. Something that will, I pray, help others.

Let’s go back to the image at the top. Have a great day. What are you looking for in a great day? And where are you looking for that great day? I know, from my own experience, that a great day is any day spent with God. The catch is to remember that.

So – if you get to the point where I’m at right now, you know in your head that you should feel God’s presence, peace, and joy – but don’t – I hope this helps as well. You’re not alone. It does happen. But I know, when we ask God to help us, He’s right there, ready, willing, and able to do just that.

Here I am God. Asking. Thanks in advance for what you’re going to do.

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