No One Would Ever Agree To This Would They? Maybe One?

The story below is totally fictional.  Maybe.  Nothing even remotely like this could ever happen. No one would ever agree to this.  I don’t think.  It’s based on a true story.  Although that last statement can’t be proven, I believe it’s true. It’s almost beyond belief.  And yet…

As we approach Good Friday and Easter Sunday, you can decide for yourself about these fictional events , although roughly based on real events, for yourself.

This is the story of Frank – a father.  And Jimmy – Frank’s son.  And Scott.  Frank is the most powerful man in the world.  At one time, he ruled the world.  He had a bad reputation though.  He really was a nice guy – had everyone’s best interests at heart.  But the people were short sighted.  Wanted immediate gratification.  The people thought he was mean.  

He wanted to know for sure whether the people liked him.  So he allowed a world-wide election.  And he lost.  Big time.  Scott won in a landslide.  So even though he was way more powerful than Scott – Frank let Scott rule the world. 

But still – even though the people rejected him, Frank had a plan to show them the truth about both himself and Scott.

It was a big risk.  It involved Jimmy.  His son.  And the real risk was to Jimmy.  Frank knew he could pull it off.  Knew it would be worth everything.  But Jimmy – would he be able to pull it off if he knew the whole story?  That was the problem.

The plan – as hard as it’s been – is going according to schedule.  Just the way the advance guys saw it happening.

Dad!  Dad!  Where are you?  Why have you deserted me?

Frank can’t take it any more.  He turns the mic back on so Jimmy can hear him.

Son.  It’s me.  It’s your father.  I’m so sorry.  It had to be this way.  But know this – I love you.  And trust me – it will be OK.  I’ve got everything covered.  Like I always have.  

And son – we won! You were awesome.  You always have been.  And you always will be.  

And so many of the people will love you.

Like I love you.

And Jimmy. Son.  I’ll be seeing you in a few minutes.

Yes son.  In a few minutes.  

It’ll all be over.

And we’ve won.

Yes.  You’re right.  The people win too.

I am so proud of you son.

It is finished!

When Frank heard those three words – he started crying again.

Even harder than while he heard his son crying out in pain.

But these were tears of joy.

People were already starting to choose him and Jimmy as their rulers to replace Scott.

And that made it all worthwhile.

No. This could never happen.  

Can you imagine anyone capable of it?

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