Radiation Treatment Conflicts With My Favorite Foods. For Now.

My first side effect from radiation isn’t really that bad. But it is annoying. The treatment Radiation treatment conflicts with my favorite foods. For now. It’s only temporary.

Sometimes that kind of news can get to me. “They” say some people eat to live. Others live to eat. I’m one of the latter. There are some foods that are just so good. Two of the top ones are sushi and various kinds of spicy food. For a large part of my life, I couldn’t taste anything unless it was very spicy.

That problem all of a sudden went away. I was at a Cuban restaurant with my wife. Her food was coming towards the table. And I could smell it! And taste it. It was awesome. Suddenly, food went from something with texture and temperature to something with odors and flavors. To this day, pizza remains fairly high on my list of favorite foods to eat because it has so many different things on it. And I get to choose whatever I want, especially if I make my own.

Radiation treatment conflicts with my favorite foods. For now.

As amazing as that was though, today’s topic is about losing some foods.

My first side effect from radiation was the “d” word. No – not that one – I’m still married. The diarrhea d-word. It can be caused by spicy foods. Oops. I guess the two Mexican Pizzas with 10 fire sauce isn’t going to be on the menu for a while.

Conclusion – Radiation treatment conflicts with my favorite foods. For now.

So, for me, as I said, the radiation treatment conflicting with my favorite foods is something that will turn out for good. And it’s only temporary.

It will turn out for good.

It will turn out for good for me, because it is allowing me to be, the light on the hill, to talk to people I know, and to write to anyone around the world who reads this. It’s part of the Great Commission.

It has the potential to turn out for good for other people as well. I say potential, because I can write all sorts of things, but my part ends there. That is, unless people make comments or ask questions, For whatever reason, that doesn’t happen very often at all. Given the number of people who start to read stuff here, I don’t know if that’s because people don’t finish, or just don’t have anything to respond. Only God knows that.

However, once it’s written and published, when someone does read it, after that it’s between you and God. I pray that something in here will touch you and you’ll want to know more. Or to follow God more closely. Or feel confirmation that your love of God is good already.

Having said all that, there’s one more thing. Even if you’re not Christian, or a friend you know isn’t Christian, this whole series on Don’t Waste Your Cancer may serve to just help you get through the process. I pray it does more than that. But might at least help you get through your journey with cancer, no matter what else you do with it.

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