It’s OK To Talk To Someone Who Has Cancer

It’s OK to talk to someone who has cancer. We don’t cease to be people just because we have cancer. Life does continue.  We are still the same people.

This morning I had a bottle of water I have to drink before the treatment and a soft bag, kind of like a reusable shopping bag. He asked if I was going to get some exercise. Like many of the “dog people”, he knows about my cancer and the treatment. So I just told him that’s where I was going.

He got all nervous, then told me I’ll get better. Every day. And then hurried off.

I left home for my radiation treatment, as usual, this morning. A neighbor that I’ve known ever since I moved into the neighborhood, maybe 18 years ago, was walking his dog. Everyone around here with a dog pretty much knows everyone else with a dog. Talking a bit when we see each other is normal.

Obviously, he was uncomfortable with the situation. And I get it. I understand. I used to be like him. The key though is “used to be”. Now, I’m on the other side. Forever changed by being on this side. Instead of not wanting to talk to people who were ill with something like cancer or some other problem, now I’m the one people might not want to talk to.

Conclusion – It’s OK to talk to someone who has cancer

So here’s the thing about all that.

If you (I can’t really say me/we anymore) step out of your comfort zone, continue to be friends with someone got cancer, or even start to befriend someone who has cancer, you’re probably doing them a great favor.

However, even more than that, you may be doing yourself a great favor.

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