Psalm 26 – How can anybody possibly live a perfect life?

Can anybody possibly live a perfect life? Every Christian knows the answer is no. But in Psalm 26 David seems to say that’s exactly what he’s doing. How can that be? Certainly, he knows better than to believe that.

Well, that answered one question. But raised another. Vindication is in God’s eyes, not in the eyes of someone else or compared to someone else. It’s entirely between David and God.

However, since David said he led a blameless life, then why is vindication even needed? Of course, we know that vindication is needed by everyone. No one is perfect in God’s eyes. No one can even approach the perfection of God in this fallen world. Except for God Himself, in the person of Jesus.

So then, there’s still an open question about vindication. Is David asking God to verify his perfect life but being falsely humble or something by using the word vindication? Or is David ignoring his imperfections when he claims to have led a blameless life? Or, is there something else going on?

Conclusion – Psalm 26 – How can anybody possibly live a perfect life?

That was a hard conclusion to reach. I started going through a whole bunch of passages to reach this conclusion. Show why it’s justified. But it was getting so long. And way too complex. So I deleted a whole bunch of stuff.

After all, this is supposed to be more like a journal that the kind of things I normally right.

Knowing full well that, at this time, I appear to be incapable of a simple straightforward journal, I decided to just cut to the conclusion.

And the conclusion is, God looks at what we want. What He knows we can be. And both of those things if we choose to love Him and to follow Jesus. It’s our desire to be perfect, not on our own but through God, that He’s looking for.\Look at it this way. If Jesus died for our sins, which He did, then what else is left besides what we want to be? Truly want to be. And that we know we cannot accomplish our perfect self, our best self, without God.

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