What Didn’t Happen When Jesus Died?

What didn’t happen when Jesus died? That seems like an odd question, doesn’t it? Hopefully it catches your interest enough to keep reading.

Do you know why the timing of Jesus’ death is so significant?  I’m not talking about the exact date and time – that’s a topic for another day.  I’m talking about the length of His ministry on earth.  Partly because everything had to be accomplished – and partly for another reason.

We celebrate Jesus’ birth – but not on the right day.  In fact, not even at the right time of the year.

We don’t celebrate the beginning of Jesus’ ministry.  Although we know it’s about three years,

We do celebrate Jesus’ death – Good Friday,
And we do celebrate Easter – the day Jesus rose from the dead.
In some denominations the day Jesus ascended to Heaven seems to be more important than others.

But, do we talk about why the length of Jesus ministry was the length it was?

Everything had to be accomplished when Jesus died.

Starting with His birth, the image at the top, from Isaiah 9:6 is one of many, many Old Testament prophecies to be fulfilled.


Jesus’ ministry lasted as long as it did for (at least) two reasons.

1.  To allow the prophecies to be fulfilled.

2.  To provide clear evidence for us, even today, that this sequence of events, occurring over as long of a time as they did, is not humanly possible.  If someone wants to stay alive while someone’s trying to kill them – that person hides.  Jesus didn’t hide.  Jesus was right out their in public – even in the Jewish Temples – where He could have been arrested at any time.  But He wasn’t.  He wasn’t killed – wasn’t put in jail – wasn’t silenced in any way – until God Himself was ready for it to happen.

How about you – do you see?

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