How many souls will be saved by a mifepristone ban?

How many souls will be saved by a mifepristone ban? Wait. Souls? Isn’t the question how many lives will be saved? Uh, no, I’m really asking how many souls will be saved. After all, isn’t that important to Christians?

I get it, non-Christians maybe don’t care about saving souls. People who don’t care about God, or deny God, almost certainly don’t care about saving souls.

But hey – this is to Christians who think being anti-abortion is the biggest issue, or even one of the biggest, for Christians.

I’m asking you to think about it. Pray about it. Yeah – pray. To the God who declared Himself in the Bible. And please note, that’s not the God your favorite political party pushes. Nor is it the same as the one your favorite social protest group pushes.

Conclusion – How many souls will be saved by a mifepristone ban?

How many souls will be saved by a mifepristone ban? I’d guess probably none. Not a one.

Why not? As pointed out above, people will hate us. There’s no opportunity to save a soul. In fact, in these scenarios where we try to use the government to force so-called Christian values, there’s not even an attempt to save a soul.

Saving someone’s soul is supposed to be one in the manner of The Great Commission. Someone who’s already saved, speaks to someone who isn’t. We use the Holy Spirit in us to have these conversations. We plant a seed. The person we’re speaking with then, hopefully, wants to know more. At some point, it comes down to that person and God.

Trust me – none of that’s going to happen when we pass off our responsibility as Christians to the government.

We’ve failed the people who need us most. We’ve not fulfilled our promise to Jesus when we were baptized. Both of these things, and so much more of what you just read, make me wonder about our own faith when we refuse to act in accord with what Jesus commanded us.

Are we really saved?

Or will we hear Jesus tell us He never knew us, because of our refusal to forgive, and to help people who need us? Like so many women to consider abortion?

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