Does Christian gossip make you want to avoid church?

Does Christian gossip make you want to avoid church? Do Christians gossip? Yes. Even in church? Yes. We are people, so the answer’s got to be yes. No, we aren’t supposed to. But just stopping at yes we do and no we shouldn’t – well, that’s just not good enough. Let’s face it, Christians who gossip do make people want to avoid church.

At some, it would make me leave a church.

So I’m sure it would turn off non-Christians to the point where they would avoid church altogether. And that’s terrible.

On several counts.

Gossip seems like a big attraction for some people. Others don’t like it. Still others think gossip is something other people do, but when they talk about other people it’s not gossip.

In other words, it’s like something people love to hate – but also love to do.

What does the Bible say to Christians about gossip?

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