Do not be afraid, focus on treasures in Heaven

Do not be afraid. Do not even be afraid of cancer. Instead, focus on treasures in Heaven. I went to my oncologist yesterday. It’s time to begin radiation treatment. Now, today, I’m going to write from the point of view of the man in the image below. Climbing stairs into the clouds. Judgment time. Will he be told he will enter Heaven? Or will he be sent to the other place?

No, I’m not on death’s door.

Although, one day, we’ll all be there.

And it’s good to plan ahead.

I know many people don’t believe in God. Many either don’t believe in Heaven or have a warped view of Heaven.

My view comes from the Bible. Not from popular culture. Not from wishes and hopes.

That view says we’ll all face God after we pass away. And so, in some form or another, figuratively speaking, we’ll make the walk that man in the image is making. Alone. We can’t take anything with us. Or bring anyone with us. Or can we? More on that thought later.

And so, the question today, when that time comes for me, how do I see my walk? And how does that expectation affect the way I view my latest cancer news?

Should I be afraid?

As I said, I saw my oncologist yesterday. She told me she’ll be meeting with a colleague, a radiation oncologist who I’ve already seen once. At that time, he said there wasn’t enough cancer present, based on blood tests, for him to do radiation treatment.

But now, …

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