2023.01.09 Psalms 007 – If we don’t trust God then who will save us?

The Bible tells us that God says “vengeance is mine”. But even Christians are people. And people tend to want to get our own revenge. So it leaves us with a bit of a problem. Sometimes a huge problem. If we don’t trust God to get the revenge He claims as His own, then do we even trust God to save us? And if not God, then who will save us?

Does vengeance/revenge really have anything to do with our salvation?

If you search for this idea, you probably won’t find it. After all, it’s not a direct relationship. Revenge and salvation are so different.

But when I read this Psalm just now, this is what struck me. God does claim revenge for His own. However, our idea of what revenge is all about is so different from God’s.

And when we’re that far off, just how off-target is our view of God?

And how far off must we get before our salvation is at risk? In other words, can/do we reach a point where our view of God is so warped that He becomes our creation, rather than us acknowledging we are His creation? And can something like that put our salvation at risk?

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