2023.01.10 Psalms 008 – I can’t believe God cares about me

Psalm 8 is known by most Christians. Maybe not by name, but for one verse, where David, in more modern language says. I can’t believe God cares about me. Actually, about people in general. But since we tend to be more me-centric, I chose the word me.

But it’s more than that.

It’s about how to praise God. We’ll see why in a bit.

And that part about God caring?

It’s a theme throughout the Bible.

So while it may be amazing to David, since there was no New Testament back then. And since the Old Testament seems to be more about teaching people how to be civilized as opposed to what people had become.

Of course, it still feels like we need to learn how to be civilized. But we do at least have the New Testament, where it’s less about “don’t do this and don’t do that” to “do this”.

Both are loving. It’s not unlike parents, who must teach their children right from wrong, safe from dangerous, and other such things. The first things are to learn what not to do. What we should do comes as we get older and more mature.

Some background on Psalm 8 …

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